Spindle Repair Services

The repair service of the most common spindle  is available. The performance of the spindles directly depends on the quality of the spare parts used. Upon receipt of the goods, an offer is made to the customer which indicates the cost of fixing the defects. The continuation of the service requires the confirmation of the offer by the Customer.


It is imperative that the spindles be installed only by qualified technicians.
Keep the spindle in a dry place and at a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius.
After keeping it in stock for more than a week, do not use it immediately.
Insert the spindle in the special housing, connect the air tube and let the air flow circulate for 15 minutes in order to remove the water condensate from the bearings.
The spindle must be able to rotate freely by hand.

During the warranty period of the spindles, it is mandatory to use only original collets.
Modification of the collets is absolutely not acceptable, the warranty would be rendered void.

Spindle guarantee:

The repaired spindle is covered by a guarantee against repair errors for a maximum of 1000 working hours and in any case for a period of no more than 6 months. During this period, we undertake to repair the spindle which, after a technical feedback from us, turns out to be defective for reasons attributable to the spare parts we have replaced. In this case, the repairs will be carried out by NF Trading which will face any transport costs. It is impossible to exercise the right to terminate the contract for minor contractual violations, in particular in the presence of minor defects and severity. If the customer decides to terminate the contract, he can no longer make any claim for compensation.
The warranty does not cover defects resulting from wear, improper use, excessive stress, changes made to the product or the like. The customer bears the burden of proof for all cases subject to warranty.
The Customer must allow NF Trading to check the item he deems defective.
Claims by the Customer for defect in repair must be submitted within 2 weeks of delivery for evident damages. The obligations of investigation and notification of defects in accordance with current legislation remain unaffected
Unless explicitly agreed otherwise in the individual contracts, NF Trading does not take on any other guarantees in terms of the law.