Copper deposit meter


Pocket tool for instant recognition
the thickness of the base copper on laminates and flexible circuits.
Visualization of the reading in microns and ounces for 5, 9, 12, 17, 35, 70, 105 and 140 micron laminates.
Instantaneous reading not influenced by the thickness of the dielectric. Insufficient battery charge indication.
Power supply via common 9 Volt battery.
Dimensions 66 x 32 x 104mm. Weight 125 grams.
It does not require calibration or calibration samples. Includes 9 volt battery and protective case with belt clip.


ITM52 is a very versatile tool that allows a quick, precise, non-destructive measurement of the thickness of copper inside the single-sided, double-sided, multilayer holes and on the surface of the laminate.

The relevant probes are available


The UPA Caviderm uses the principle of micro resistance for the accurate measurement of surface copper and through hole, setting the standard in the printed circuit board industry. It is a fast and efficient method of measuring copper in printed circuits through holes. The surface copper thickness is measured quickly and accurately on epoxy laminate. Copper on multilayer panels can be measured without loss of precision! Benefits include:

Direct thickness reading (in British or metric units)
Ten non-volatile application memories store startup data
Measure copper thickness, including electrolytic copper and electrolytic copper – also through tin-lead or gold sheets
LCD display
Instant determination for the go / no-go test
Source surface probe made for the direct measurement of the copper / epoxy surface coating